How to Teach Phonics

An Excerpt from How to Teach Phonics: A Better Days Books Home School Classic, by Lida M. Williams.



Phonics is not a method of teaching reading, but it is a necessary part of every good, modern method. It is the key to word mastery, and word mastery is one of the first essentials in learning to read. A knowledge of the sounds of letters, and of the effect of the position of the letter upon its sound, is an essential means of mastering the mechanics of reading, and of enabling children to become independent readers.

A knowledge of phonics not only gives power to pronounce new words, but it trains the ear, develops clear articulation and correct enunciation, and aids in spelling. Later, when diacritical marks are introduced, it aids in the use of the dictionary. The habit of attacking and pronouncing words of entirely new form, develops self-confidence in the child, and the pleasure he experiences in mastering difficulties without help, constantly leads to new effort.

Foreign students, greatly handicapped where reading is taught by the word and sentence methods only, begins on an equal basis with his American neighbor, when the “Alphabet by sound” is taught.

In recent years only has the subject of phonics found a place on the daily school program; and there is perhaps, no other subject on the primary program so vaguely outlined in the average teacher’s mind and therefore taught with so little system and definite purpose.

The present need is a systematic and comprehensive but simple method of phonics teaching throughout the primary grades that will enable any teacher, using any good text in reading, to successfully teach the phonetic facts, carefully grading the difficulties by easy and consecutive steps thus preparing the pupils for independent effort in thought getting, and opening for him the door to the literary treasures of the ages.

It is with the hope of aiding the earnest teacher in the accomplishment of this purpose that How To Teach Phonics: A Better Days Books Home School Classic is published.

This Article is an Excerpt from How to Teach Phonics: A Better Days Books Home School Classic, by Lida M. Williams, which is available from Better Days Books in quality hardbound, sturdy trade paperback and convenience .PDF e-book download editions, starting at just $3.95.


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